Square Peg Events, LLC is an art enhanced event company. We host an array of events which include fun, groovy pARTys, sassy, awesome Progressive Tastings (guided waking “tours”), Artful Dining experiences and Community on Canvas fun.

Our events connect the arts in a fun and engaging way.  We offer hands on art experiences for the nervous to the notorious.  Our tours and dining experiences highlight the arts and bring in the sass.

Life is creative.  Make it happen.


The Five Principles of Square Peg Events
Square Peg Events, LLC, is an art-enhanced event company. Our events connect people to the arts in fun and engaging ways to promote commerce, culture and community vitality.  We offer an array of hands-on experiences and artful immersions in a variety of platforms for art consumers of all ages (including kids-only, adults-only and family-oriented programs) ranging from the casual explorer to the artistic enthusiast.  Our programming can be customized for a variety of needs, with events ranging from large-scale public festivals to private parties and backyard outings.  It is our goal to provide creative experiences that serve to promote stronger, more vibrant organizations, corporations and communities throughout Michigan. [NOTE: We call our five staple event types our “five principles” because they are more than just categories…they represent our core values.]
Art parties, or “pARTies,” are open-ended art-immersion happenings that can be custom tailored to fit a wide variety of groups, establishments and special events.  We help you image and imagine new and versatile creative explorations to suit your goals and desires.  Public and private pARTies accommodating 25 to 10,000 participants can be held at hosting venues such as restaurants or businesses, in public areas or private properties. Featured pARTy elements typically include open-ended art expression stations in a variety of art mediums (general or themed), collaborative community canvases and/or artists creating in-the-now. Prices vary with the nature and number of art stations/offerings, venue, food-and-drink options, extra entertainment, etc. The pARTy is customized to suit various age ranges, interests and your individual goals.  pARTies can be stand-alone events or components of larger festivals.
Artful Dining
Artful Dining experiences combine a unique eatery with a master artist whose era, region and life are explored.  Sassy yet stylish, fab yet refined, these experiences range from casual backyard barbecues and regional wine tastings to travelogues and formal dinners.  Art stations appropriate to each artist and venue provide opportunities for hands-on creativity and exploration for novice artists and artists-at-heart.  The essence of the Artful Dining experience is to surround oneself in art, great food and fun people and to get into the groove of the artist. Examples of recent Artful Dining experiences include Van Gogh’s Table, Monet’s Garden and Pollack’s Painting Party.
Progressive Tasting
Progressive Tastings are themed culinary walking tours presenting aspirational eateries and venues in Michigan’s unique downtown areas and other key neighborhoods.  Featuring food-and-beverage sampling, culture and fun, Progressive Tastings offer an educational component for intellectual, fun people who like to go out and learn something while enjoying a nice beverage and interesting food pairings.  Tastings are geared to encompass a variety of different kinds of food and beverages as well as an array of unique venue experiences.
Community on Canvas
The embodiment of creativity for a cause, Community on Canvas pairs community leaders with local artists to create unique paintings which CAN be auctioned off at a benefit event held at a hosting venue.  This one-of-a-kind event affords unique opportunities for local leaders to nurture their creativity, foster relationships with local artists and community members and support organizations and causes close to their hearts and vital to the community.
Live Mannequins & Human Sculptures
Live Mannequin Nights produced by Square Peg Events have seen dozens of downtown storefronts in Michigan communities come alive with hundreds of community members posing as mannequins.  Human Sculpture events and arts festivals fill the walking  footprints of downtown areas or other neighborhoods with creative stations featuring living sculptures, visual artists paired with musicians, poets paired with visual artists or live mannequin models, street performers, strolling musicians and the like.  Live Mannequin and Human Sculpture happenings can be stand-alone events or components of larger festivals.



Cynthia Hagedorn, owner/founder
executive director, chief of charm



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