Artful Dining

Artful Dining
Artful Dining experiences combine a unique eatery with a master artist whose era, region and life are explored.  Sassy yet stylish, fab yet refined, these experiences range from casual backyard barbecues and regional wine tastings to travelogues and formal dinners.  Art stations appropriate to each artist and venue provide opportunities for hands-on creativity and exploration for novice artists and artists-at-heart.  The essence of the Artful Dining experience is to surround oneself in art, great food and fun people and to get into the groove of the artist. Examples of recent Artful Dining experiences include Van Gogh’s Table, Monet’s Garden and Pollack’s Painting Party.



Here are a few….

Here are a few ideas… but truly, if you give us an artist you wish to feature, we can come up with a theme, location and plan.


Artful Dining Experiences


1. Monet’s Garden

A trip through southern France to explore the delicacies that Claude would have

eaten in his day…  a French wine pairing would be divine!  

Learn about Monet, try your hand at his easel and engage in his life and times through cuisine.


2. Pollock Painting Party

Splash. Summer party fun…. Explore and Taste!  It’s a casual BBQ of Americana in the 60s.


3. Grooving with Grant

Grant Wood’s American Gothic…Bluegrass. American grub. Folk Art.  Experience and taste!


4. Picasso and Pals  (or Picasso’s perfect holiday…. )

Abstract. Funky. Art. Cuisine. Klee. Calder. deKooning. and of course, Picasso


5. Frida’s (Kahlo) Fiesta!

Mexican Artist from the land of fiesta fun….


6. Sips and Ceiling – Michelangelo’s Italian Taste.

Italian wine pairing of food, art and richness…


7. vanGogh’s Table

A trip through his incredible life of color.  Hitting the high notes of yellow and Dutch foods. Learn about Vincent, try your hand at his easel and engage in his life and times through cuisine.


8. 36 views of Mt ____ (Your Name/City Here)  Katsushika Hokusai!

Based on 36 views of Mt Fuji.. Japanese Cuisine, Art and Experience…


9. Renoir’s Table

Delectable. Rich and Savory. Taste French cooking though the bold colors of Renoirs paintings and his life.


10. A Surreal Supper

Eccentric Food paired with exotic foods….  Funky Fun.


11. Mixing with the Masters

Create cocktails with the influence of the great master artists of the past.  

Monet’s sunrise. Vinny’s Stars.


12. Artist Palette

Create your own style.. Pattern… colors of an exceptional dining experience