Artful Dining

What are Artful Dining Experiences?
Artful Dining experiences combine a unique eatery with a master artist whose era, region and life are explored. Sassy yet stylish, fab yet refined, these experiences range from casual backyard barbecues and regional wine tastings to travelogues and formal dinners. Art stations appropriate to each artist and venue — from painting, chalk, pastels, paper and more — provide opportunities for hands-on creativity and exploration for novice artists and artists-at-heart. The essence of the Artful Dining experience is to surround oneself in art, great food and fun people and to get into the groove of the artist.

No experience needed! This is your opportunity to play, paint, and create!


Here are a few….

Here are a few ideas… but truly, if you give us an artist you wish to feature, we can come up with a theme, location and plan.

Pollock Painting Party – Splash paint to groovy fun music.. (New Holland Brewing)
1950s picnic style- Anywhere.

Dining with deKoning

Kissing with Klimt – For the Love of food and Art…

Monet’s Garden – French Wines .. pastel paintings…

Sips and Ceiling with Michelangelo .. Italian Wine tasting

Renoir’s Luncheon of the Boating Party  (Boatwerks, Holland)

vanGogh’s Table (Alpen Rose, Holland)

Picasso’s Perfect Party – Abstract painting.. pairing with fun French and Spanish Foods.

36 views of Mt ____ (Your City Here)  + Based on 36 views of Mt Fuji

Fredia’s Fiesta !  A surreal experience in cuisine