pARTy !


Art parties, or “pARTies,” are open-ended art-immersion happenings that can be custom tailored to fit a wide variety of groups, establishments and special events.  We help you image and imagine new and versatile creative explorations to suit your goals and desires.  Public and private pARTies accommodating 25 to 10,000 participants can be held at hosting venues such as restaurants or businesses, in public areas or private properties. Featured pARTy elements typically include open-ended art expression stations in a variety of art mediums (general or themed), collaborative community canvases and/or artists creating in-the-now. Prices vary with the nature and number of art stations/offerings, venue, food-and-drink options, extra entertainment, etc. The pARTy is customized to suit various age ranges, interests and your individual goals.  pARTies can be stand-alone events or components of larger festivals

These are GREAT for Corporate Team Building Experiences as well as fun private events for your friends and families…

Coming UP….

MAD MEN Cocktail pARTy !

Saturday, June 18th.

Art. Music. Martinis.


Early Elegance Tickets: General Admission Tickets – $23pp (Now on sale until May 15th)

Early Elegance VIP Tickets – $45. Private area with select bar, simple appetizers and priority seating in front of band. (Now on Sale, until May 15th)
May 16th – June 16th
General Admission Tickets – $30pp
VIP Tickets – $60. (same as above)
Valet Parking will be available.
Collaborators and personality hosts will be announced soon

Saturday, April 9th Art.Downtown.  noon-7pm $10pp



12noon-7pm $10 per person. (normally $25pp) Open Ended Explorations for the whole family. This is a demo day to check out the art scene in downtown Grand Rapids. Drop ins Welcome to pay by check or cash.  Credit Card payments or pre registering HERE 

Thurs, April 28th Girls Night Out Studio pARTy  5-8pm $25pp


Calling all FABULOUS Ladies….

Come and pARTy with us !
Drop In – Open Ended – No experience necessary
FAB FIVE FUN stations of art to explore

This is PERFECT for the person says, “I can’t draw a stick figure” or “I don’t have an artistic bone in my body”

Come and explore with us… This is NOT wine and canvas. Nothing is step-by-step, but we will help guide you through the creative adventures. We want you to explore different mediums of art while socializing, dreaming and creating works from YOUR mind… 
Paper Collage and Magnets
Painting Station
$25pp Supplies included for a 2 hour block of time.
It is open house style. Come when you want in a two hour block of time. We will start clean up at 8pm.
Some stations have a maximum supply limit (for example, one canvas per participant)

Join the fun….
Adventure in living, collaborating, team building and breathing.   TICKETS HERE