Progressive Tasting (Tours)

Sassy, fun walking tasting tours available…
Small bite samples. Tantalizing tastings.

We call them : Progressive Tastings


GetAttachment Progressive Tasting are themed culinary walking tours   presenting aspirational eateries and venues in Michigan’s unique downtown areas and other key neighborhoods.  Featuring food-and-beverage sampling, culture and fun, Progressive Tastings offer an educational component for intellectual, fun people who like to go out and learn something while enjoying a nice beverage and interesting food pairings.  Tastings are geared to encompass a variety of different kinds of food and beverages as well as an array of unique venue experiences.

Experience delicious!

Our Tastings are a one-of-a-kind experiences for locals and out-of-towners alike! They will have a little bit of grit, a little bit of sass, and will be a lot of fun! These are not pub crawls. There’s an educational component for intellectual, fun people who like to go out and learn something while enjoying a nice beverage and interesting food pairings. We’re gearing all of these tours to encompass a variety of different kinds of food and beverages, and an array of unique venue experiences!

Join us!
Sensational Samples.
Tantalizing Tasting.
Experience Delicious.



Progressive Tasting: Sexy WINE967303-wine!

Tuesday,  June 16th   6:00p – 8:00p

Tickets go OFF SALE Saturday, June 13 or when they sell out

Starting Location: (NO DOOR SALES) Grand Rapids Art Museum – Retail Store

Join us for sensational wine samplings with the perfect food pairings….  Reserve Wine and Food. Chop House of Grand Rapids. Ruth’s Chris Steak House of Grand Rapids !    SOLD OUT

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Progressive Tasting: The Vodka Venture 

Thursday, July 23rd 6-8pm $65pp You are invited to close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting outdoors in the opulence of an old world European balcony, the foothills of the Beskidy mountains in the distance, sipping a unique vodka beverage and tasting a savory bite. That’s what July 23, 2015, will offer.

The Bielsko-Biała committee of Grand Rapids Sister Cities International is proud and excited to partner with Square Peg Events for this first Vodka Venture tasting experience.

Bielsko-Biała is the City of Grand Rapids’ second sister city, but should be considered first for our community’s deep Polish roots. Like Grand Rapids, Bielsko-Biała has a river running through the city. Both city’s citizens place a high value on family and outdoor recreation. Just like Grand Rapids, Bielsko-Biała holds a yearly jazz festival. It offers an international puppet theatre celebration. And arts festivals abound.

The B-B sister city committee is committed to promote understanding and mutual respect through exchanges in culture, art, education, and community and economic development. We accomplish this mission by providing community events that highlight Bielsko-Biała and Polish culture within an enjoyable event.

Please join us to Taste, Discover and Experience!

Featured Location: Downtown Grand Rapids, Inc.
Hosting Locations: Courtyard Bistro, by Marriott
Gilly’s in the BOB ~ J. Gardellas Tavern

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More information about our Tastings…

Interested in having a PT for your friends, family or company? Give us a shout!  They are a great way to build teams and have fun…


Experience delicious!

Progressive Tasting:

40 tickets will be sold for each tasting, so get them while you can.
Must be 21 years +  Pushy Broads and Whiny Men – Double in Price.

Casual Attire. Fun Attitudes. Pretty Hair Expected.

Imagining. Connecting. Experiencing.        

Life is sassy, but short…… and YES. We can duplicate ANY of our tours for Private Parties!

The International Food Tour
Food For Love Tour (Food tour, could be vegan, vegetarian… healthy.. etc)
The Chef’s Choice Walk
The International Wine Tour
The Wine Tour
The W(h)ine NOT Tour (Any form of wine)
The Beer Tour… easy does it. (Casual beer – bud light style)
Boys and Beer
BEER!  For boys and babes… and one ugly broad.
Craft Crawl (Beer tour)
The Artful Appetizer
Chicks and Chocolate
The Chocolate Chug
The Martini March
The Hotel Hop
The Sweet Suite
The Sweet Step
The Down Under Gems of ______
The Pizza Crawl
The Cozy Cruise
Picasso’s Pub Fun
Groove walk (with live music )
The Art Groove (paint or create at locations)
Whiskey and Women
Whiskey Whenever
The Tequila Trot
The Cocktail Cruise
The Time Trot (time period tour)

… Yep. We know right?