Progressive Tasting (Tours)

Sassy, fun walking tasting tours available…
Small bite samples. Tantalizing tastings.

We call them : Progressive Tastings

SinandCynThese tours have what we call “Guest Guides”  GG’s are fabulously fun, local leaders in the know… They are interesting and knowledgeable people regarding the area of the tour. (Or just all around cool) All tours will have 4 hosting locations.  Three of the locations you can expect a sample of what makes them awesome.  With that tasting, you can also expect a paired beverage.  One of the hosting locations, on route, will give you an in-depth “featured” look at that destination.  This location may not have a consuming portion, but will be a fabulous experience of knowledge.  (Word. It’s just cool to know, ya know?)

Join us for these fabulous Progressive Tastings! These “tours” will be one-of-a-kind experiences for locals and out-of-towners alike!  They will have a little bit of grit, a little bit of sass, and a lot of fun! These are not pub crawls. There’s an educational component for intellectual, fun people who like to go out and learn something while enjoying a nice beverage and interesting food pairings. We’re gearing all of these tours to encompass a variety of different kinds of food and beverages, and an array of unique venue experiences!

Experience delicious!

Progressive Tasting:

40 tickets will be sold for each tasting, so get them while you can.
Must be 21 years +  Pushy Broads and Whiny Men – Double in Price.

Casual Attire. Fun Attitudes. Pretty Hair Expected.

Imagining. Connecting. Experiencing.        

Life is sassy, but short…… and YES. We can duplicate ANY of our tours for Private Parties!

The International Food Tour
Food For Love Tour (Food tour, could be vegan, vegetarian… healthy.. etc)
The Chef’s Choice Walk
The International Wine Tour
The Wine Tour
The W(h)ine NOT Tour (Any form of wine)
The Beer Tour… easy does it. (Casual beer – bud light style)
Boys and Beer
BEER!  For boys and babes… and one ugly broad.
Craft Crawl (Beer tour)
The Artful Appetizer
Chicks and Chocolate
The Chocolate Chug
The Martini March
The Hotel Hop
The Sweet Suite
The Sweet Step
The Down Under Gems of ______
The Pizza Crawl
The Cozy Cruise
Picasso’s Pub Fun
Groove walk (with live music )
The Art Groove (paint or create at locations)
Whiskey and Women
Whiskey Whenever
The Tequila Trot
The Cocktail Cruise
The Time Trot (time period tour)

… Yep. We know right?